CLM / e-Detailing

Closed Loop Marketing (CLM) refers to a loop of two-way messaging with customers. Marketing messages and materials are pushed to the customer based upon insights on customer preferences, or accessed in a self-service model. Based on data obtained in the course of this interaction, it is possible to use advanced data on customers and their preferences to meet their requirements more closely and to plan personalized messages that will be advantageous in increasing the efficiency of subsequent interactions.

CLM can be presented in the form of the following diagram:

Sheme CLM

The CLM idea is based on the following:

  • the need for e-detailing, which requires a tablet PC;
  • the use of content in various graphic forms, including moving images (video clips, animation);
  • the ability to hold the customer's attention for a long time because this visualization mechanism exhibits the property of interactivity.


The core of the idea, which is its great advantage, is the continuity of information between the customer relationship management system and the system of e-detailing modules. This mechanism is implemented in the form of bilateral communication, which eliminates the need for duplicate data entry


Sheme CLM


  • Own Call-n-Go platform for interactive visits and statistics, integrated with client's CRM;
  • A reports server: visits data collection and analysis;
  • WebCall module for remote detailing by the representatives;
  • Ask&Go platform for marketing researches and enquiries.
  • Personalized detailing
  • Objective reporting data
  • Generation of analytical reports at any level
  • No need for repeated data entry