About The Company

Vivanti (ZAO «Vivanti») is an independent non-state company. Vivanti specializes in providing services in the field of remote continuous medical and pharmaceutical business education, by offering technological platforms (LMS, LMCS) and top-quality services using external content.

Vivanti's key competencies include information technology services, database management and using them (CRM, CLM) as efficiently as possible; the development of new communication channels and pharmaceuticals marketing.

Vivanti's Mission

  • To provide physicians, pharmacists and patients with the best possible knowledge so that specialists can offer their patients recommendations based on the latest, high-end, independent and verified data. This will also keep patients better informed about their problems and help them interact with healthcare professionals.
  • To provide pharmaceuticals companies with the best possible service so that they can actively introduce cutting-edge technologies, through the mutual development and enhancement of key competencies.
  • Vivanti is committed to providing services and information resources whose qualitative indicators exceed those currently on the market. In doing so, the company complies with the principles of corporate integrity, trustworthiness and high ethical standards.

Our Commitments

  • To deliver top-quality services and products.
  • To be first by staying ahead of the times.
  • To surpass expectations in satisfying our customers' requirements.
  • To provide access to the most up-to-date, innovative and independent information.

Our Goals

  • We strive to make sure our products are of the best possible quality and highly desirable, so that our services and projects can, as much as possible, meet the demands of our age and the requirements of our customers.
  • We want to facilitate growth in the professional competency of specialists through the use of our products, and to ensure the further development of their professional skills and steady growth in the degree of satisfaction they derive from their own work.
  • We are ready to be a model and example to be emulated by those who follow us. Our aim is to set indisputable standards in using the right approach to fulfilling set tasks. We are proud of the results of our work, and we want our country to be proud of us as well.

Our Principles

  • Accounting for the interests and requirements of each customer.
  • Using cutting-edge technologies and providing top-quality services.
  • Adhering to the principles of fair competition and active collaboration.
  • Retaining a commitment to high ethical principles and maintaining an impeccable reputation.

Our company is young, so as yet we have neither traditions nor a glorious past. But we know about quality and how to provide it. We are open to collaboration and are focused on moving forward fast. Join us, and your steps into the future will be faster and more secure!